Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie
I offer consultation, expertise and support in the processing of aquatic organisms (fish, crustaceans and invertebrates) for current activities and during the development of new products. We work with innovative methods in the processing of aquatic organisms. Our ideas focus on the full utilisation of the technological properties of proteins, lipids, enzymes and by-products (solids, wastewater, by-catch). We develop pro-ecological technologies for traditional and new functional/pro-health products. We focus on the automation and machinisation of plants to meet the requirements of the Economy 4.0 strategy.

We perform research and development work and support the acquisition of investment projects. We provide analytical services, support with knowledge and expert experience. We perform analysis of our own data and literature, we support with promotion.

Ready-to-use technologies:
  • Technologies for high-performance marinating, salting and smoking of fish (Know-how);
  • New types of cold-ripening marinades from non-herring fish (Patent, know-how);
  • Technology for reusing marinating brines without using ultra- and nano-filtration (Patent + know-how);
  • Waste-free technology for the production of cold marinades in sauces (Know-how);
  • Intelligent packaging with sensor indicating shelf life of marinades in vinegar brine (Patent);
  • New type of packaging for fish marinades and new method of serving to the consumer (know-how);
  • Improvement of technological properties of selected fish raw materials by using freezing, enzymes, etc. (Patent + know-how),
  • Method of reducing waste water and its biological load in the fish industry and other food industries (know-how);
  • Recovery of valuable compounds from by-products (proteins, lipids, hydrolysates, pigments, enzymes) (know-how);
  • Method for producing light-coloured meat/surimi from herring fish, GRAS/FDA compliant methods (without additives) (know-how);
  • Extraction of carotein dyes from aquatic organisms for food, cosmetic and medical purposes; dye stabilisation, colour intensification (know-how)
  • Extraction of natural digestive enzymes from viscera of fish with reduced haemoglobin content (colourless preparations), GRAS/FDA compliant methods (know-how);
  • Marinating technology for technologically poor quality herring and for herring caught in the feeding season (Patents + know-how)

Offer of cooperation - short portfolio in PDF file