1. Application of digestive proteases to improve the marinating process of low-technology quality herring. Co-principal investigator and financially responsible for my PhD student's project, "Rector's Grant" competition, grant funded by the Rector of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin (2022-2023).
  2. Enzymatic activity of muscle tissue of Baltic herring. Project manager, co-principal investigator, research project related to the preparation of Tomasz Sawicki's dissertation (2018-2021), project funded by the Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries, BMN 517-08-23-707-21/17.
  3. Characterization of cathepsins diffusing from fish flesh into marinating brine, Project Manager and Contractor, grant funded by the National Science Center, 2012/05/D/NZ9/02282 (2013-2017).
  4. Technology for high-performance fish marinating, Project manager and contractor of the project co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education called Innovation Incubator, DS/1558/11/W11/POIG/ II/2014, sub-project No. 10/II/2014 (2014-2015).
  5. Characterization of endogenouse enzymes used in fish ripening processes, Manager and Contractor, project funded from the statutory funds of the Department of Food and Fisheries Sciences under Research of Young Scientists, 517-08-023-3925/17 (2012-2014).
  6. Optimization of the marinating process of Baltic herring. Principal investigator, university doctoral project, BW/DN/08/2005 (2005-2008).