Industrial experience

  • Shrimp processing plant RESKO Hands peeling in Europe,
    R&D cooperation agreement in 2018 - 2020, Result: Development of composition and production method for new brine shrimp to extend the shelf life and quality of the finished product, technology introduced in the plant, products are sold in Poland and abroad.
  • ZGODA”  Ltd. company processing of food, Kolobrzeg
    Scientific internship in the manufacturing plant herring marinades, December 2013

    Pre-implementation carrying out the tests of High yield mass technology of  fish marinating, 2014-2015.

  • Lucky Union Foods Euro, Goleniow
    Scientific internship in surimi manufacture, September - November 2011
    Optimization fusing temperature of surimi crab sticks to reduce water leakage and improve the quality of the finished product vacuum packed; the solution implemented.


    Optimization of commercial preparations of transglutaminase to the specific raw materials and the implementation of research results in order to improve the texture of finished products; solution implemented.